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Dim Sum Cards

Created these cards with Patrick Tomas and Sunny Nguyen as a means of making dim summing (is that even a word?) more fun–think of it as foodie-ism gamified (pretty sure I made up those words too).

The cards feature the following:

  • Category of food to explore
  • Preparation style
  • An image of the item
  • The english name
  • The name in Cantonese
  • Pronunciation
  • Main ingredient list
  • A basic description
  • Fun fact

Diners using the cards are encouraged to try out new items either either by selecting new ones or randomly flipping cards. Cards are designed to be laid on top of each other to make ordering as easy as laying cards down on the table.

Although we made a few decks, we never made them for wide distribution. If you’re interested in getting a deck though, drop me a line.

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