Web Development

  • Hostgator (Hosting) – After trying numerous hosts including 000Webhost, InMotion, Bluehost, I’ve settled on using Hostgator. For what they have and offer, I like them the most and use them pretty consistently, across the board.
  • Namecheap (Domains) – I buy on Namecheap and Google Domains. Namecheap seems to be a better option to initially register a domain, especially with the sales that sometimes come up.

App Development

  • App Annie (Analytics) – Keeps track of your application stats by capturing your app’s store data on a day-to-day basis.
  • PoP aka Prototyping on Paper (Prototyping) – Allows you to draw your prototypes out and quickly link them together. No more having to code basic prototypes in order for you and others to test them.

Tabletop Game Development

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See the expanded section at